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Sourcing Training

by Alex Farmery 23/03/2018

The team at Cooper Golding had some searching training … looking at how to best use new technologies and social media to source candidates effectively.

A fun and interesting day from @recruitmentmatters

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Manufacturing Talent 2018

by Alex Farmery 15/03/2018


Manufacturing Talent – Survey 2018 is the first in what we hope will become an annual survey and report into the state of talent acquisition and retention within the Manufacturing and Engineering sector.  Key themes include:

  1. The Great Escape – How to deal with the brawn / brain drain – the skills shortage created by a reduction in overseas workers.
  2. Brexit – The impact on talent acquisition and retention.
  3. Mind the Gap! – How to address the great skills gap, dealing with the loss of a generation of skilled workers.
  4. Robot Wars – Who needs Humans anyway? – How AI and Automation is changing the recruitment profile and increasing the challenge.
  5. Gender Balance – Why do we need to and how do we attract and retain more females into the sector?
  6. The Law of Attraction – How to attract the Millennials into a Sector run by Baby Boomers and Generation X’s?
  7. Flexible Working – How can the sector deal with and benefit from new, more flexible ways of working


The message – Whilst growth within the Manufacturing, Engineering and Production sector looks healthy, it is recognised that in order to sustain the growth and health of the sector, a number of creative solutions are required to address the growing skills shortage created by a combination of factors.  These include the uncertainty around Brexit, the evolution/revolution around Automation and AI and the perennial under investment in attracting fresh talent into sector which is losing a generation of highly skilled labour.

Specialist recruitment services provider, Cooper Golding is sponsoring The Manufacturing Talent Survey 2018 which aims to carry out a valuable research piece into the state of Talent Acquisition and Retention in the sector with the view to publish a report into its findings.


  • Cooper Golding to Sponsor the research
  • Empeller Business Services to carry out the research
  • Responses to be drawn from two main areas including a sample from North Devon, and a sample from The Midlands/Warwickshire.
  • Cooper Golding is seeking to work with an established industry Membership Group/Trade Body to provide:
  • Surveys will be sent out primarily to
    • Small to Medium sized companies
    • Manufacturing, Engineering and Production Companies
    • Typically 20-200 employees
    • Typically turnover in excess of £1m
    • Contacts primarily
      • Owners
      • Directors
      • Production Managers
      • Operation Managers
      • Senior HR Contact


Soft Objectives Include:

  1. To create a survey which sparks debate and interaction.
  2. To create a final report which is viewed as insightful and valuable by key Decision Makers and Influencers within the Manufacturing sector.

We will keep you updated by the results which we hope to have by April and a roll out of the report in April/May time…..

If anyone would like to participate in the survey and you are a decision maker in regard to an SME Manufacturing/Engineering site or recruitment fthen please let us know and we will be happy to include you….

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Is there any value in using a recruiter these days?

by Alex Farmery 07/03/2018

I have personally been in recruitment for 20 years now (how time flies when you are having fun). In that time there have been many changes. I still remember using rolodex cards, sending letters out to prospective clients and my manager kicking me out to complete at least 7 client visits per week, if I hadn’t managed to get them booked in. Everyone knew the main players and high street agencies who could pretty much get anyone a job in any discipline in their local towns and cities.

The industry has kept moving with the times of course with new technologies and the main players (all still here) now have competition from literally thousands of new recruitment/employment agencies opening up in the past 5 years alone!  Two things that haven’t changed I believe are:

  1. A lot of people see recruiters as expensive or not value for money, a necessary evil when there is no other choice.
  2. So called experts saying that the industry will be dead in the water and soon there will no need for us recruiters at all!

Obviously, I disagree with both of these…..

So … What is the real value of using a recruiter?

In an age where there are inhouse recruitment teams, easy access to online media, job boards, Indeed and social media avenues to recruit from – why use us and potentially spend £1000’s when you can simply put an advert out yourself for a fraction of the price it seems?  I find this a somewhat myopic stance to be honest, because if hiring managers believe all recruiters do is advertising, then I agree, you are getting ripped off!

Hiring Managers need to see the value in the proposition on offer of course and we need to step up our game to ensure our value proposition aligns with the company we are recruiting for.  Many organisations do of course understand why the value in a recruiter is so beneficial, we speak to 1000’s of people and can be the 3rd party brand ambassador, who sells your organisations culture, vision and strategies in a positive way over and above your competitors.  We sift through the time wasters, screening, interviewing, testing and establishing motivations of applicants both hard and soft for each potential one……but then you know all of that don’t you?  For me… the biggest value in using a recruiter isn’t actually what we do at all …. But, what we know and more importantly who we know in your sector! We know people and keep in touch with people who work in your industry, so we can put forward those passive candidates that are so difficult to reach!

There you have it … put simply …. you don’t need a recruiter for what we do….you will reap the benefit of using us for what and who we know!



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2018 so far …

by Alex Farmery 27/02/2018

It has been a hectic time at Cooper Golding for the first part of 2018……Paula went to the Recruitment Xpo in January looking at new technologies and listening to some great and inspirational speakers.  Making sure we are all geared up for GDPR in May …. Ensuring our quality service is being received by existing clients and new clients alike, whilst running a little internal competition too…where quality is the order of the day.  We are working on some projects to make the website more user friendly to ensuring our social media is working well….Valentines day came and went and now gearing up for the spring and summer months…….phew hardly chance to write a blog!!


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All happening in October / November !!

by Alex Farmery 09/11/2017

Andy and Jess have been working hard on new areas and it is really starting to pay off (no mean feat on a cold area and discipline!!) After lots of territory mapping and calls and relationship build and visits, the hard work is certainly paying off…. Andy has placed for various roles, with three more to start in the next couple of weeks and an impressive prospect list…Clients have been thoroughly impressed with the consultative approach Andy offers in line with CG values …. Jess and Andy also got the Contractor desk up and running and CG have our first Contractor starting in October…Well done both!!  Jess has done a great job in making sure the Contractor and the client were singing from the same hymn sheet and has some great vacancies to work on….

Debbie has been working hard with local clients and candidates on the commercial side of the business, placing a variety of roles from Marketing Executive to IT Specialist to working on more senior Account Manager and BDM roles… Debbie has also started helping out on the Commercial Temporary desk and one client was ecstatic when she managed to fulfill their requirement within 24 hours!!

Julie as always is exceptionally busy with the temporary desk, each week we are seeing clients responding positively to Julie’s infectious laugh and professionalism, both candidates and clients are singing her praises and it is always nice when they show their appreciation with a box of chocolates…Great stuff!

Alex, has kept the back office running smoothly, with running payroll, doing the accounts and generally keeping everyone stocked up with what they need…..

A great October with more to come in November…. Team CG is really starting to rock and roll… Just in time for Christmas !!

CG are also attending the EEF Manufacturing awards in Bristol at the end of the month and we will report back on that next time …….



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Team Building and Macmillian Coffee morning

by Alex Farmery 04/10/2017

We managed to get through the holiday season, everyone is back in the office and we just had our first team building day, off trampolining this afternoon ….

We have had a great summer and we are now starting to feel like a proper team.

We hosted our first ever Macmillan Coffee morning showing off our baking skills and raising £255 for Cancer Support. So, a big thank you to everyone who took time out of their day to join us for some tea and cake.

Andrew and Jessica kick started their new division with placements at an artisan vegan food manufacturer and the largest seafood supplier in the South West.

Roll on October …

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Macmillian Coffee Morning

by Alex Farmery 28/09/2017

Come and join us for our first ever Macmillan Coffee Morning!! We have been busy baking this week, so there will be a great choice of home made cakes.

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It`s been too long ….

by Alex Farmery 14/08/2017

…okay, so I have to admit, it has been over 6 weeks since the last Blog!!!!

Lots been happening:

  • two more recruits (Andrew and Jessica), look out for their Bio`s and photographs on our “Meet the Team” page
  • Andrew and Jessica will be looking after our Interim & Contractor division
  • Alex made a placement, her first ever!! 😊 and she has been promoted to Office Manager – Congratulations!!
  • Julie and Debbie have been really busy extending their portfolios with clients and registering new candidates, but they have also been studying and taken their exam with the REC –  WELL DONE!!

We are still as busy as ever, please have a look on the site for any vacancies, temporary or permanent. or come and see us at our office, there is always a tea or coffee in it for you

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Heatwave and Icecreams

by Alex Farmery 21/06/2017

This was a little unexpected, but we have enjoyed the lovely warm weather. Paula splashed out on Ice Lollies and three!!! fans for the office and us …

It has been a great few days, Debbie made two placements and it seems she has taken over our facebook page, first she did wall papering (lovely photo of Croyde beach), then the office cleaning in her best dress and Marigolds and now her first success as our new consultant!!!

Julie is as busy as ever, urgently looking for a van driver, an electrician and a kitchen porter!!! With our office being in the centre of town and open every day from 8.30 – 17.30, why not pop in and see her?

Paula is looking for Health & Safety Training Advisor!!! ( )

… and being the great boss she is, we actually closed the office yesterday at 4pm to all go to the BEACH …… (thank you)


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Busy, busy, busy ….

by Alex Farmery 06/06/2017

It has been some time, seems we have been really busy, too busy even to write a blog!!!

Exciting few weeks we have had, we have moved into our new office in Queens Street, see address below,  we have employed another member of staff, Debbie is our new Commercial Consultant and a great one at that, with jobs on the board and people at interview.

You can find out more about her on “Meet the Team”. We have fully started our Temporary desk with Temporary Workers out all over North Devon and we are very proud of Julie for doing so almost single handed (of course with a little help from her friends J)

So, the new address is: 7 Queens House, Queen Street, Barnstaple, EX32 8HJ

Telephone is the same as before 01271 349745.

Pop in and see us!

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